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No need to get tensed we will help you getting in shape again. We will support each and every girl in getting back on track, with tummy tuck and make you feel really good. We form to create a natural, safe and origional path to get our tummies flat and kick that bloated, slow and heavy feeling. And we executed to it.

About Tummy Tuck Co

At Tummy tuck Co, we support you in all the ways to have tummy tuck. You need to purify your system, or try to move those additional tough lbs, we here help you to get back to your health . Get ready, babe. Because it’s rapidly acceptable, you are going to have wonderful looks, feeling fine and rocking it like the 12/10 that you are.

Note: We designed all our products just for babes 18+


What is Tummy tuck Tea?

Tummy tuck Tea is a 2 step herbal detox tea with ingredients traditionally taken to support in stopping the bloating and heavy feeling and coming out with flat. It's manufactured to support you by boosting your energy and decrease your bloating. In your pack you'll get:

Activate Tea –It has 10 natural additional that support your metabolism, provides you an antioxidant energy startup and get your digestion go easy on its own.

Cleanse Tea - Our purifying tea collaborate and support to detoxify your intestinal tract rid of forming up the toxins. It has 7 natural additional that perform together to help you get (and keep) that tummy flat.

What all ingredients are added to it?

BEFORE BED Peppermint, Lemon grass, Nettle, Dandelion root, Green tea, Fennel, Cardamom FIRST THING Milk thistle, Peppermint, Lemon grass, Hibiscus, Green tea, Rose, Garcinia

How is it’s taste?

Its admitted by most of the girls that this purifying tea tastes absolutely good. It's absolutely sweet with a herbal flavor alike green tea and one can add a little lemon or honey if you like it that way.

What all results it gives you like?

Everyone has their own opinion about this product but still almost all the girls say that it gives really shocking results from first week only.

It won’t make you rush to the washrooms.

Don't get stressed babe, it surely may not. The very purifying effect it has the crucial part of the detoxification process to wipe out all those nasties and strike the bloat.

Some girls are a bit bothered by this and you can diminish or establish the effects by animating it. For minimum or maximum time period. Most of the girls discover that though a little immersion time our tea is absolutely affable.

Side effects of the BEFORE BED tea (or lack of)

It may not give the adverse side effects. Our tea purifies 100% naturally and do not have any nasties in it. Our Cleanse (evening) tea helps you to totally detoxify your body system and may allow you to go to the washroom for the few times but no need to take tension, it's purely original.

You may know if your water intake is less then you may feel hydrated so make sure you always have the water at every interval.


How to use Tummy Tuck Tea (Two Week Pack)

How to use Tummy Tuck Tea (Two Week Pack)

Both the packs of two and the four weeks have with two distinctive teas – Activate tea and Cleanse tea. Both of them come in the loose form so you just have to colander to steep the leaves. Just pick up the tea steeper from the nearby local supermarket if you don't already have one of them.


  1. Drink 1 cup in morning along with the breakfast
  2. Place 1 teaspoon of BEFORE BED tea into a tea strainer
  3. Pour in a cup of hot water for 5-7 minutes
  4. Eliminate the tea strainer and drink it


  1. Week 1 - Drink every night before going to your bed
  2. Following Week/s - Drink every third night before going to your bed
  3. Place 1 teaspoon of FIRST THING tea into a tea strainer
  4. Pour it in a cup of hot water for 3-5 minutes


Breast feeding, Pregnancy and Tummy Tuck Tea

Rather well know that the Tummy Tuck Tea is 100% natural, still we do not suggest you to drink it during your pregnancy time or breastfeeding.

Taking meals and having Tummy Tuck Tea

You should always keep tracking that what all you are eating in your meals. While having Tummy Tuck Tea because we all know a healthy diet along with it may help you lose those extra lbs. faster (come on, try your best).

Workouts along with Tummy Tuck Tea

Being honest if you are having pizza and relax on your couch whole day long, drinking Tummy Tuck Tea is perhaps it may not save in any case. But if you stay on a healthy diet then the almost times and perform minor exercise, you will definitely get the better you.

The contraceptive pill and Tummy Tuck Tea

Many girls discovered that our teas did not give any effect their pills still because of the detoxifying nature of our Before Bed tea, there is a contingent that it may get affected. We recommend you that you may use special safety during the drinking of Tummy Tuck Tea and have a consultation with your doctor before using it.

Results with Tummy Tuck Tea

We do not make the fake promises about our Tummy Tuck Tea it works naturally to gives great strength to your metabolism. Many girls have noticed boundless results when they adapt our teas as a mix along a good diet and everyday workout

Amount of caffeine in Tummy Tuck Tea

A slight volume of caffeine is one of the natural ingredients in our Before Bed & First Thing tea (about 2 milligrams per cup, coffee has around 95 milligrams per cup!). The amount added to it is so less that one cannot even notice.


How will I receive the 7 day challenge?

Once you are complete with your previous tea the next order is ready for you. You will get the mail from our side there will be a link given in it too. All you have to do is download the PDF in your device.

Do I need to purchase other Tummy tuck products to do the meal plan?

Yes one should be willing to purchase the entire kit as you need. There is an arrangement for your meal plan at your local grocery store!

What all ingredients one should buy?

Sure! It's quite easy. Just drink your Tummy Tuck Tea before or with breakfast, the night plans how to take tea are given at the back of the packs.

What are the results that one can accept?

Everyone is distinct and it relies on how much efforts you give to it. We are grappling you up with HQ's go to recipes and exercises, that we search for gives us the brilliant results.

Pro tip: keep the pre pic handy so that it may help you in encouraging your own self.

Does it accommodate dietary regulations?

Our meal plans are designed without any rules and regulations. However we purely suggest our girls can wipe out the advanced ingredients for existent that uniforms their diet needs - just try keeping yourself purely healthy

Can It be used while breastfeeding or pregnant?

Tummy Tuck Lifestyle Guides are invented to be complete healthy, rather we suggest consulting your doctor before you order your product while your pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Can it be returned if I don't like the recipes?

Nopes, as our Tummy Tuck Guides are evading - all purchasing are eventual the order is done and we are not able to implement refunds under any condition. If you feel uncertain the meal plan is suitable for you, we suggest you to embrace reaching out to to analyze certain health restrictions.


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How one can track their parcel

Once your parcel is shipped, you will get the email with a tracking number. For letting the tracking number to get activated you have to leave it for day or so.

What happen when customer gives the wrong address

Email us soon (like seriously) at and we will keep updating you every moment. Once your order is ready, the confirmation email will be sent to you kindly have a check on your details carefully.

In case order is already delivered to the shipping address we will not be able to make changes in the address or change the path of the parcel. In case it happens, we will not be responsible for sending another parcel or making a refund.


How can you pay for once of purchases?

We consider payment via:

  • Visa Credit
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  • Or Pay pal

Is it a subscription?

Don't worry babe, it's not a subscription payment so you'll only be charged once at the time you place your order. Even though the price is displayed in your preferred currency, all orders are processed in USD currency at the most current exchange rates.